How to Get More Tweets, Likes and Shares on your Blog

Attorneys are embracing the power of social media and blogging now more than ever! But how do you know it’s working? How can you maximize the number of tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1’s your blog receives? Simply sharing your blog’s content on your social media sites is not enough. Here are seven steps we have implemented with our clients to not only increase the amount of traffic to their firm’s blog, but also the number of tweets, likes and shares they receive.

1. Content is critical. Make your posts relevant to your target client. Blog about stories that interest your followers. Another rule of thumb is to stay on top of the news in your area(s) of practice. If you are the first one to talk about a breaking story or new law that affects consumers – people will watch for your posts in the future.

2. Make your posts shareable. Make it easy for your readers to share your content. Place a small number of sharing buttons on your blog site for each post. Three good choices are the official Twitter ‘tweet’ button, Facebook ‘Like/Share’ button and the Google ‘+1’ button.

3. Share and share alike. Share every blog post with your social media sites. You also want to share others’ posts that interest you. They will likely return the favor, enhancing your online presence.

4. Increase the amount of content. The more blog posts, the more chances you have of your content being shared. This is often the most difficult challenge attorneys’ face. They have the best of intentions, but the time just isn’t there. It is difficult to build an audience if you are not publishing consistently on your blog.

5. Network with those that have small to medium size followers. Try to engage with people in similar industries or who fit your client profile. If you direct your replies and shares toward celebrities or people with a high number of followers, you are less likely to get noticed.

6. Pay attention to the details. Consistently check that your links within your posts are active. Try to include a relevant image; it will make your blog more interesting and relevant. When on Twitter, keep your tweets to less than 140 characters. You should leave enough characters for the additional “RT [@yourhandle]” so that it’s easier to re-tweet your posts.

7. Timing is everything. Engage with people when they are most likely to be online and on social media sites- perhaps on a Wednesday afternoon as opposed to 2 AM on a Saturday. Rule of thumb: Do not blindly follow a statistic about the best time to tweet or share that you find on the web. Experiment until you find out what works best for your target audience.

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