Florida Bar Guidelines for Testimonials

Positive client testimonials are one of the most cost effective marketing tools for a small business, but attorneys are held to a higher standard by the Florida Bar when it comes to publicizing these and certain guidelines must be followed. We previously wrote a blog posting giving a brief overview of the Florida Bar Rule changes for Advertising; here is the testimonial portion of Rule 4-7.13 Deceptive and Inherently Misleading Advertisements explained.

• Testimonials must be truthful and based on the actual experience of the client;
• The client must be qualified to make the testimonial;
• The testimonial must be representative of what clients of that lawyer or law firm generally experience;
• The testimonial must not be written or drafted by the lawyer;
• An attorney cannot pay a client for a testimonial or give something of value for a client review;
• When displaying these testimonials on your website, include a disclaimer that reads, “Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.”

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