Eight Common Ways Lawyers Lose Potential Clients Online

The following law firm marketing mistakes can have your potential clients hiring your competitors. We have listed some of the most common mistakes below. We have also highlighted the steps consumers take when searching for their attorney and which qualities rank highest to them.

No Website or Bad Website. The Internet has become the number one way consumers find their attorney. Your web presence needs to build trust in the minds of potential clients; it is also an excellent way to establish your credibility. A well-rounded web strategy will keep the phones ringing.

Missing or hard to find phone number. ALWAYS have someone answering the phones, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. ALWAYS be there for the client. Emotions are tied to cases and if a potential client cannot get you on the phone, they will call the next law firm.

Lack of Personality. Inject your personality into your website. It is important that you make a connection with the client. Video is an excellent way to get the message across to the client. It’s more personal and builds trust more quickly. Up to date headshots and content are key.

Coming up short on Empathy. Make an emotional connection with the client. Empathy is among the most important traits a potential client looks for in an attorney. The client must feel this. They must know that you care. Content and legal jargon may read well to other attorneys, but make it reader-friendly to potential clients. Convey how you have helped past clients in similar situations.

Lacking Fresh Content. Keep your website stocked with FRESH content and make sure it is of relevance to your client base.

Absence of Awards or Accolades. Everyone wants a winner! Third party validation builds confidence in the minds of consumers. Awards will separate you from the competition and give you instant credibility. Utilize these awards not only on your firm’s website, but in your office, conference room and lobby. Awards need to be visible to EVERY potential client that enters your office.

Missing / Weak Social Media Presence. Many lawyers have been hesitant to accept the social media movement, but it’s only growing and if your firm does not have profiles on these pages (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and You Tube) you will appear outdated and out of touch. Important Tip: Consumers DO NOT want to be sold through social media sites; this is simply another way for you to extend your brand online.

Facts & Statistics:

**49% of the consumers who contact an attorney online have found them through a legal directory (i.e. – Super Lawyers, AVVO, FindLaw, etc.) Super Lawyers bring in high-paying, high-quality clients that know what they want. Having your firm listed in legal directories will also aid in your SEO strategy.**

** Clients rate the following four elements of greatest importance when selecting their attorney (in this order):
1.) Expertise
2.) Recommendations
3.) Cost
4.) Sense of trust & empathy

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