Turning your list of Contacts into Clients

It’s no secret that an effective email marketing campaign can turn your list of contacts into clients. But what our clients value most about this type of marketing is that it allows them to measure the results in real time, determine exactly who opened their e-blast, which links the recipients clicked on and most importantly, which messages and content are generating the most interest and driving results.

We have outlined the best email marketing practices, which will guarantee an increase in your open rates and increase client conversion.

1.) Subject line. The importance of the subject line is often overlooked. However, the subject line can make the difference between an opened e-blast and a trashed (or spammed) one. Invite the email recipient to gain a benefit or receive a valuable piece of information. In our business we call it “educating the consumer.” Avoid cliché marketing terms like “Act now”, “FREE”, “Limited time”, etc. Using these words in the subject line may sound like a good idea because they are eye-catching, but can land your e-blast in the spam folder. Keep your subject line to 50 characters or less.

2.) Content is key. You only have a few moments to get your message across. Start by establishing a clear and measurable goal with your email marketing campaign. What do you want to accomplish with this send? You may want more traffic to your firm’s website, have potential clients schedule a consultation or have an attorney refer you a case. Whatever it may be, make your call to action clear and your approach focused. Your message needs to be tailored to the specific audience you are trying to reach.

3.) Layout. Think of your email blast as an extension of your other marketing materials, specifically your website. Make sure there is not a disconnect between your e-blast and website. Be careful with making drastic changes to your e-blast’s layout. This ties in with branding. Your goal is to create long-term brand loyalty with your list of contacts.

4.) Images. Effectively using images makes your e-blast more engaging. Maintain a good ratio of images to text and avoid using images that take a long time to download. Many spam filters catch email blasts with an unbalanced ratio of images to text. Avoid using stock images and images that can distract the reader from the content. Most importantly, you want to make sure that all of your vital information is viewable without images.

5.) Sending. Timing is everything when it comes to the send. Most business emails are best sent on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but every business is different. Some of our clients have received the best open rates on Fridays. Test different times of the day and days of the week and track the open rate.

When done right, email marketing is not only extremely affordable, it is extremely effective. There are many campaign systems that claim to be able to “walk you through the email marketing process” and are so easy you can, “do it yourself.” Here’s a tip: Save yourself the time and frustration. Do not compromise when it comes to your marketing. If you would like to hear about the specials we are currently running on our custom e-blasts and e-newsletters, please call Pristine PR at (954) 376-3683. Also serving Central Florida and surrounding areas at (407) 982-1707.