New Year – New Business: Increase Your Firm’s Conversion Rate Optimization

Last year was all about driving prospective clients to your firm’s website and social media sites by way of Search Engine Optimization. 2013 is going to be about converting those site visitors into actual clients! Below are steps you can take to increase your firm’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

1. Stop What Is Not Working: This time last year, you probably sat down with your staff and created an elaborate marketing plan. If your marketing strategies have not produced any ROI over the course of the year, they are simply not working. Your time is precious. Do not waste your time on marketing strategies that are not producing results.

2. Understand Visitors Thought Process: Your different areas of practice can bring all sorts of visitors to your firm’s website and social media sites. Focus on the needs of your site’s visitors. If you are providing them with helpful and informative information on your site, they will trust you to provide them with what they need as your client.

3. Study Your Competition: Learn from your competitor’s marketing mistakes and victories. Are they getting more activity on their blog and social media posts? Use their success to measure what you are doing wrong, but make sure your content and posts continue to be unique.

4. Photos Are a Must: 2013 will be a more visual year than 2012. However, using real, high quality photos will provide bloggers with the best results this year. The stock photos that are used over and over may result in your content being overlooked by viewers.

5. Reduce Website Background: If your website is too busy, it might drive visitors away from your site. Your credibility comes from your content. You want your content to stand out, not fade into the background.

6. Embrace Your ‘White Space:’ White space or blank space can also boost the amount of viewers who actually read your content, rather than scan over it. Too many widgets and graphics will draw attention away from your site’s content.

7. Analyze Your Visitors’ Navigation Process: Understanding how visitors end up on your website and what pages they navigate through while there, may help you understand why they leave without action.

8. Videos: As important as photos are in 2013, videos will really engage your site’s visitors! Place informative videos on your firm’s website; many viewers prefer to watch and listen, rather than read. This will undoubtedly turn browsers into clients!

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