Google’s ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Update to Affect Site Rankings

On April 21, 2015, Google unveiled a new algorithm for browsing its search-engine with a mobile device (i.e. – a cell phone, Smartphone, tablet, etc). So what do these changes mean for your current website? Basically, the new algorithm will promote websites that are categorized as “mobile-friendly,” while concealing sites that do not have mobile viewing and interaction capabilities.

After the update takes full effect, which could take up to a week after April 21, searches on Google from mobile devices will no longer display the most popular, organic search results. Instead, the most popular “mobile-friendly” websites will appear in order.

So you may be asking, why does mobile matter? According to a 2015 study, the number of mobile users worldwide surpassed the number of desktop users by approximately 200-million people. Google has taken notice and stated in a recent blog post, “As more people use mobile devices to access the Internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.”

To find out if your website is in compliance, take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

If your site is found to be “not mobile-friendly,” there are certain updates you can perform which may help it pass the test. These updates can include: adding a mobility code plugin to your current site, increasing text size, decreasing page width and spacing out in-page links. For those businesses that have not yet made the appropriate updates to their website to make it “mobile-friendly”- the good news is that once you make the change, Google will pick it up immediately.

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