Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

As digital marketing continues to evolve, so do opportunities for law firms, businesses, and brands alike to grow their client base.

Here are the top digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022 and how attorneys can use them to their advantage.

1. Influencer Marketing. Beyond online client reviews and written testimonials, recruiting your most passionate clients for high-quality video testimonials is incredibly effective for building trust with potential new clients. Compared to traditional forms of marketing like billboards and TV commercials, influencer marketing delivers 11 times the return on investment (ROI). Fortunately, as an attorney, you do not need to recruit the top YouTube & Instagram influencers to reach your target audience. When people need a lawyer, they rarely turn to a celebrity for an endorsement. Instead, they look to real, relatable people who have had a positive experience with that lawyer. They also search out reviews and recommendations online. So as an attorney, the most important and powerful influencers you have are your current and former clients (i.e. – people who have had an excellent experience with your law firm).

Bottom Line: Delivering excellent client experiences and leveraging these accordingly, can result in multiple brand ambassadors for your law firm.

2. LinkedIn. LinkedIn continues to be a dominant force in the digital space. The professional networking platform continues to launch new features that drive better results for lawyers and businesses alike. LinkedIn for lawyers is one of the most powerful social networking tools available. According to the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Survey, nearly 76% of law firms use LinkedIn, followed by Facebook (60%), Twitter (37%), Martindale (35%), and Avvo (22%).

Here are some important tips when it comes to LinkedIn for lawyers:

-List experience relevant to your current practice;

-Keep your branding and messaging focused;

-If you changed practice areas or had a different profession prior to a career in law, edit your profile in a way that endorses your current skills;

-Choose career highlights that have directly led to your current practice and business focus. Bottom Line: Your professional history needs to reflect your current experience and goals.

-Keep your profile summary clear and concise. Only the first 200 or so characters of your summary will appear (after that, the visitor will be prompted to click “See more”). Make sure to include your most important milestones and minimize buzz words.

3. Website speed. Websites are getting faster. If your website is not properly optimized, it should be. As of the third quarter of 2021, 47.74 percent of web traffic in the United States originated from mobile devices, up from 47.07 percent in the preceding quarter, according to Statista. However, many websites still do not have a fully mobile optimized experience. Google prioritizes website design and speed as two important factors when it comes to ranking in search. Take the website speed test to find out where your site stands.

4. Algorithm-driven. All aspects of digital marketing — whether it be social media, display ads, social media advertisement, search engine optimization (SEO) and even email — is becoming algorithm-driven. The algorithms all optimize for one basic thing: user experience and engagement. To stay relevant, law firms must provide a unique user experience that potential clients (and referral attorneys) want.

5. Email Marketing. When it comes to email marketing, timing is everything in 2022. Think automation and personalization. This year it will be about integrating email with content marketing at the right time to the right audience. If your email marketing has stalled, we have some tips to get you back on track.

6. Get strategic. As the options in digital marketing continue to grow, law firms in 2022 need to think strategically to focus on what really drives their business growth.

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