5 Tips for Better Business Cards

As I was strategizing some new ideas for fresh business card options, I came across a great article in Lawyers USA that offered some useful tips…

1.) Add some PIZZAZZ – Use color to make your business card pop. Think of printing cards portrait style as opposed to traditional landscape. Try using a glossy finish and nontraditional fonts. However, remember to make sure it’s still professional and easy to read.

2.) A name and a number just isn’t enough anymore– Business cards should include links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business profile pages, and of course your website and email address.

3.) Make it user-friendly– Print lines on the back (or keep it blank), making it easy for the receiver to jot down notes or record the date of a prospecting meeting or networking event they met you at.

4.) Banish cards from your wallet– I’ve definitely mentioned this one before- ALWAYS keep your business card(s) easily accessible as opposed to rummaging through your purse, pockets, etc. and handing your new contact a less than flawless representation of your business.

5.) Make it SPECIAL– Keep your business cards in a professional card carrying case. Not only does this eliminate the wallet problem, but it also makes the recipient of the card feel like you are handing them something special and worth holding on to!

Also, see if your current business card passes the “Trash Test” by clicking on the following link…http://sbinformation.about.com/cs/advertising/a/bcardtest.htm

At Pristine PR we have experience designing captivating business cards that your prospects and clients will want to keep on file, which will increase the likelihood of a call back. If you have any questions or would like to view some of our latest concepts and creations, please contact Kristine at (954) 376-3683.