How to Use Instagram as an Effective Marketing Tool for your Practice

As an attorney, you may be wondering how Instagram can factor into your firm’s marketing.  We have identified some key ways law firms can generate more leads and capitalize on one of the latest social networking sites.

Show a more personal side of your firm. Showcase a “day in the life” at your law firm with attorneys and staff members.  Post images of the conference room, client waiting area, etc.  Make these images visually appealing.

Share your advertisements. Has your firm recently launched a new print ad or billboard campaign?  Post it as an image on Instagram to maximize exposure.

Share the NEWS! If you have recently moved to a new office, hired a new associate or made an attorney partner, share the photos on your Instagram profile.  This is also a great way to share any recent media placements and awards your firm or attorneys have received.

Client success stories. Post interesting pictures that represent these, use a creative campaign approach that tells a story with photos.

Community involvement. Share photos of your firm’s involvement in the community along with any sponsorships your firm has taken part in.

Would you believe the number of hashtags correlates to the success of your content?  Hashtags allow users to categorize content, making it easier to find relevant and specific information across the network.   Each Instagram post can include a short message and a few descriptive hashtags. If done properly, this can aid in optimization, content discovery and further brand recognition.

Here are some tips on how to use hashtags effectively:

Keep them to a minimum. Use no more than three to five hashtags. Choose your hashtags wisely and do not overuse them.

Be descriptive. Make it easy for those with similar interests or those who have a need for your services to find and connect with you by using descriptive tags.

Be specific. When using hashtags, be specific. This will help you connect with other like-minded people on Instagram.  The goal is to place your content in front of people searching for keywords associated with your business or brand.

Get ideas. Pay attention to the other hashtags people use on Instagram. You may discover a popular hashtag you may not have thought of on your own.

Finally, let’s talk video- Instagram allows you to imbed your Instagram video into your website or blog, extending the reach of your content.  This week, Instagram released an app update for both iOS and Android users with two pretty significant video features to the app’s camera.  The update allows users to zoom while recording a video by swiping up or down. The feature is similar to what Snapchat has had for about a year now.  Apple users get one more feature — during a recording, users can double tap the screen to switch between the cameras. That means users can swap from the front-facing selfie camera to the back camera, shooting both themselves and something else of interest in the same clip. This change could be a significant one for users that use the app’s built-in camera to shoot video.

Remember, it’s not the amount of posts that is important on Instagram; it is the consistency of your posts.  Create a schedule of posting that works for you and your firm.  Track the activity to discover trends in response rates, content of interest, new acquisition of followers, etc.

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