The Role of Lawyers in the Marketing Process

The Role of Lawyers in the Marketing Process, by Kristine B. Snively

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a lawyer at a smaller boutique practice, you likely already know the importance of marketing when it comes to your firm’s client development. Marketing often has a persuasive intent, but generally begins by identifying a consumer or business’ need. This is then followed by explaining how your services meet that need.

Without prospective clients knowing a lawyer has a specific skill set needed to solve their problem, those skills are meaningless to prospective clients. In turn, a lawyer cannot exercise his or her skills and expertise in their particular practice area without clients.

Thus, the importance of legal marketing.

Besides providing prospective clients with useful information about a firm’s services and what distinguishes them from the rest, marketing can help set and manage client expectations. Clients rely on firms they can trust. That trust comes from consistency and client satisfaction. You do not need to be a professional marketer to market your firm in this regard.

Whether you choose to hire an outside marketing agency or assign these tasks to a dedicated staff member, you as the lawyer can and should be involved in your firm’s marketing strategy.

Referral Marketing + Client Testimonials = NEW Leads. Some law firms rely solely on referral marketing. While referrals can provide a great source of leads, requesting testimonials from past clients and referral attorneys is a must.

Bottom line: One of your greatest marketing tools as a law firm is your current and past clients. Positive client reviews on high-ranking and popular review sites are important to building your law firm’s reputation online and can help improve your firm’s Google search engine ranking.

Traditional Marketing Methods. Speaking engagements, seminars, legal workshops, and networking events are a great way to acquire new leads. These methods are tried and true. Promoting these events through digital marketing efforts (i.e. – social media, online press releases & email marketing) can easily expand your reach.

Blog with a Purpose. Blogging can help establish your firm as an industry leader. No matter the size of your law firm, you can build trust and influence within your industry by providing valuable information in your blog posts. You can become a “go to” resource for helpful, informative content. For example, offering timely consumer updates for your clients, can ultimately have an increase in conversion.

Engage in Social Media.  Our clients who have seen the most conversion on social media is those who have been able to successfully leverage their personal and firm’s social media accounts. While an attorney can assign someone to do postings on their firm’s behalf, getting familiar using social media has its benefits. Effectively leveraging your own personal brand and contacts through Facebook and Instagram, and professional contacts on LinkedIn can expand your reach significantly.

The Takeaway:

Running a law firm comes with its own set of unique challenges. Effective use of your resources is key to running a successful business.  For example, time management is critical. Time is the least replaceable resource, and also one of the scarcest. Effective use of technology is another. When managed properly, technology can dramatically improve efficiency and production at your law firm. As a practicing attorney, you are likely already doing some of the practices listed above, meaning you have established a solid foundation for a successful marketing campaign.

Kristine B. Snively founded Pristine PR, a legal marketing agency in April 2008. She combines a strong background in public relations, Internet marketing, and business development strategies. As a well-respected PR professional, Kristine is often called upon by top journalists, editors, and producers as a go-to resource for legal and business sources. Pristine PR serves clients throughout the State of Florida and nationwide. To learn more, visit


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