Why Hiring a Boutique PR Firm is Better

5 Reasons to Hire a Boutique PR Firm versus an Agency.

At Pristine PR we take pride in differentiating ourselves from other PR and marketing agencies out there. While a full-service marketing agency seeks to provide all possible marketing and advertising services to a client, a boutique PR firm provides a limited and highly specialized set of services. Here are five reasons why boutique is BETTER…

Personalized Customer Service. The public relations industry has rapidly evolved. Social media has had a profound effect on public relations, creating many new opportunities. It allows brands and consumers to engage across a variety of channels in real-time. At boutique firms, public relations professionals are able to excel in their focus area and dedicate their research time to the firm’s specialization or niche. Boutique firms are pros in their industry. Larger agencies provide services to a diverse group of clients and have to spread their research time and abilities, thin. We seek out and maintain strong relationships with journalists in the legal industry on both a local and national level. Our clients enjoy more personalized attention with monthly status reports and frequent updates.

You Know Your Team and Your Team Knows You. At larger agencies, there is a high degree of certainty that projects will be handed off to an account executive that you have never met before. Boutique PR firms have a smaller staff with less turnover. You know and trust the PR pros working on your account and you are familiar with their work. The communication between employees at a boutique firm is more constant; therefore, your PR needs are always met in a faster and more efficient manner.

Better Communication. Your PR team should be there to make your life easier, not to create additional stress. Communication with a boutique PR firm is easier because you always know who your point of contact is. You will likely also have their cell phone number for immediate correspondence.

Every Client Is an Asset. Boutique PR firms value you as a client. Every client holds the same amount of importance at a boutique firm; where agencies tend to devote more time and effort to the accounts with higher budgets.

Flexible Campaigns and Services. Boutique PR firms are more likely to customize a campaign that specifically meets your firm’s needs. At larger agencies, you may likely find a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Another drawback with agencies is the contract negotiation process. A larger agency will typically require a six month signing agreement; a boutique PR firm is more likely to work with you and your budget, offering flexible month-to-month contracts.

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