Benefits of Online Press Releases

Online press releases are a great way to generate additional media exposure for your firm’s recent verdict or settlement. In addition to securing placements in traditional media outlets, it’s important to remember that these online press release submission sites can introduce your firm to a wide range of potential new clients, journalists and referral attorneys.

Some of the benefits of submitting online press releases include:

FREE & FAST publicity– Many of these online press release submission sites offer free packages and are typically published online the day after submission.

Additional exposure– The news published will be indexed by top news search engines, making it easy for potential new clients, referral attorneys, journalists, and other interested parties to find. This will also increase your chances of being featured on premium news and legal sites.

Increase your firm’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Optimizing your firm’s press release and incorporating relevant links back to your website can help increase your site’s authority and ranking in the search engines, often generating first page results on sites like Google and Yahoo.

Drive relevant traffic to your site– The more firm-related links you have circulating through search engines, the more opportunity you have to generate relevant traffic back to your firm’s website.

Establish a presence on the Internet– The more press releases circulating about your firm, the more opportunities potential clients, reporters and referral attorneys will have to become aware of your firm. Online press release submissions will also allow you to attain top rankings in Google News, Yahoo News, MSN News and other major search engines for targeted search terms.

Enhance your brand reputation– By submitting newsworthy press releases about recent firm happenings, which can include successful verdicts/settlements, new hires, promotions, awards, speaking engagements, committee appointments, events, etc. you can keep people up to date on the latest happenings at your firm while branding your firm’s image.

Establish relationships with potential new clients and referral attorneys– The more chances people have to learn about your firm, the more windows of opportunity you open for new clients, lead generation and networking opportunities with referral attorneys.

At Pristine PR we utilize a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for our legal clients- online press releases being just one of them. We know the online press release distribution sites that offer the best results. If you have any questions on this topic, or would like to hear how the latest forms of media, marketing and technology can help grow your business contact Kristine Bruner at (561) 866-7923.