What Makes Great Content?

Content marketing begins with a blog. Your firm’s blog is the focal point that links together all of your content marketing efforts. This includes your firm’s email marketing sign-up forms, social media share buttons, press releases, events, sponsorships, seminars, webcasts, etc.

To write great content you must go beyond interesting. What you might think is interesting, your target market may find utterly boring. Your blog content has to be nothing short of useful. Being useful means creating content that enables your target market to make an informed decision or simply take action by picking up the phone and scheduling a consultation.

So what does useful content look like?

Useful content solves problems. It helps a potential client become an actual client. Educating your target market and keeping them informed is an excellent way to increase subscribers to your blog and position your firm as the “go to” legal expert in your field.

Demonstrating how you have previously helped people (who potential clients can identify with) solve the same problems they are dealing with, is an excellent way to build trust and authority in your practice area.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with the right content to promote on your blog on a regular basis, ask yourself how are you helping your clients solve their problems? Answer this question and you will find your blog postings go beyond interesting and become useful to potential clients.

The end result? A higher rate of conversion!

Designing custom blog sites for our clients is one of our specialties. In fact, we blog every day for some of our clients! We offer custom blogs, website redesigns and professional web solutions for every size law firm. Most of our designs are WordPress, allowing clients the ability to make changes themselves and update as needed without having to know complicated HTML code.

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