SEO Writing Tips that Secure High Search Rankings

With so much attorney competition online, there are few things more powerful than a successful SEO strategy. While the knowledge of search algorithms can come in handy, there is more to SEO success than understanding the numbers. In fact, it is possible to rank high in Google without spending a fortune. It begins by tailoring your writing for SEO.

Here are some quick tips to remember when writing your content for SEO:

Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Start by searching in Google AdWords Keyword Planner to see how your keywords rank. If you are just getting started with your blog, focus on keyword variations with less competition.

Take advantage of FREE tools. There are a lot of free plugins that can help you analyze your posts as you write them. Most of our blogging platforms are through WordPress. Yoast offers several plugins for WordPress to optimize your site. This tool will give you tips for improving your SEO based on factors such as the number of times you mention a keyword, the meta title tags you used and the length of your post.

Compose lists. “Top 10” lists do incredibly well in search results and people love them! If you are writing a list, Google first to see who has already written a similar piece and which lists show up on the first page. If the “Top 5 Tips” already ranks, write the “Top 7 Tips.” Studies have shown that people will click on articles with a larger number in the title and odd numbers typically outperform even numbers.

Write for your clients. Your ultimate goal is conversion – not only to appear in the search results, but convert those clicks into clients. Focus on writing content that offers fresh viewpoints, useful tips (i.e. – important consumer alerts & legal updates) and personal stories. This will engage visitors, keep them on your site for longer, and encourage them to share content with others, drive referral traffic- and eventually use your services!

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