See How Two of the latest Social Media Trends, Google+ and Pinterest, can Benefit your Small Business

Staying on top of the latest social media trends is imperative for small businesses. It can be a make or break tactic when it comes to branding endeavors and gaining new clients.

Google+ is an excellent place to create an online presence for your business. Considering that Google continues to remain the dominant search engine, creating a Google+ account for your business is more or less like giving your business free advertising on Google. As Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate the social media channels; their popularity has resulted in these sites becoming increasingly bogged down with information. This gives Google+ an advantage, limiting the amount of unnecessary information and creating direct and easy to read information for site users. One of the unique features of using Google+ is the ability to ‘Host a Hangout,’ allowing your business to hold live video chats with current and prospective clients. Another great feature is the ability to segment your followers into ‘Circles,’ allowing you to share select content with specific audiences.

Pinterest is one of the newest social networking sites and has become extremely popular with graphic designers, photographers, interior and fashion designers, along with wedding and event planners. Referred to many as a ‘giant digital pin board,’ Pinterest allows you to display your work portfolio using creativity and personal style. So, how can you as a small business, make the most of this site? Well, one of the main benefits is increasing your website’s traffic. With each pin linking directly back to your website, visitors are sent directly to your site, allowing them to learn more about your business. Like other social media sites, Pinterest allows you the ability to interact and engage with customers and potential new customers.

Some Key Points to Remember When Pinning include:

– Take high-quality images of your products.
– If you do not have a high quality camera; use a mobile app like Hipstamatic or Instagram.
– Link to the image so that your website link is included with the pin.
– Have a special offer? Include the price in the title and Pinterest will create a special banner across your image with the offer.
– Follow others who pin related images.
– Connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile pages for added exposure.

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