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Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, August 10, 2018: Google My Business Application Icon On Apple IPhone X Screen Close-up. Google My Bysiness Icon. Google My Business Application. Social Media Network

Is Your Law Firm Maximizing the Benefits of Google My Business?

With the shutdown of Google+, law firms and small businesses alike are being offered a new (and better platform) to publish their content and promote their brand.

“Google Posts” as they are called use a combination of content, images and Call to Actions to promote your law firm to potential clients. These posts can be easily made through the Google My Business platform and are visible to people who find your firm on Google. It is a powerful reputation management tool as you can control all the content and messaging.

Reach Your Target Market
Incorporating Google Posts into your marketing is an easy and FREE way to gain an edge over your competition and drive instant traffic to your firm’s website or blog. Unlike social networking platforms that require people to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ your firm to see content and images, Google posts can be seen by anyone who finds your firm online. It is a dashboard feature that displays on your knowledge panel and in business listings on search results.

Improve Your Online Reputation
Google Posts offer immediate publication of your marketing and reputation messaging. Online reputation management software can alert you of what clients are saying online about you- the good and the bad. And while you can respond to both, it is hard to change what has already been posted. With Google posts you can customize your ideal online reputation and promote your law firm with content and messaging you control.

Improve your Google Local Ranking
With more than 80% of all searches being conducted on Google, it is no secret that Google Posts have a great potential to increase your online visibility. Your firm’s Google My Business Profile is easily visible to potential clients in Google search and is also a key Google local ranking factor.

Specifications and Best Practices for Google Posts
• Character Limit: With a 1,500-character limit per posting, there are big opportunities for a variety of updates and content writing. But be mindful, only the first 80-100 characters will show in the Post so make those characters count and preview the Post to make sure your sentence is not cut off.
• Headlines: Write headlines that make the reader want to click through. Think of it as an ad to inspire them to take a call to action.
• Call to Action: There are also call to action buttons (i.e. – ‘Learn More,’ ‘Call Now,’ ‘Sign Up,’ etc.) you can add to each posting.
• Image Size: The best image size is 750 x 750. Anything smaller than 250 x 250 will not be accepted. Google My Business allows you to preview the post to ensure the image appears as intended.
• Video Guidelines: Make sure your videos are up to 30 seconds long and 100 MB. Resolution should be 720p or higher.
• Post Often: Posting often is important, as Google Posts are removed after 7 days. Share blogs and high-quality images that intrigue, answer questions and are personal to your firm.
• Multiple Posts: If you have more than one post, the newest one will display first. Older postings will show in a carousel-type format. Users can scroll through up to 10 postings at a time, but only the first two will be visible on the dashboard display.

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