Client Reviews vs. Peer Reviews

We are often asked by attorneys, “Which weighs heavier in the minds of potential clients, client reviews or peer endorsements?” The answer is client reviews. The Local Consumer Review Survey of 2012 showed that 52% of consumers reported that positive client reviews made a difference when choosing a service provider. In fact, 51% of consumers claim they trust the online opinions of consumers more than the opinions of friends and family.

A recently conducted Gallup survey studied public opinion to determine who the most highly trusted and least trusted professions were in the country. Unfortunately, lawyers ranked low in the minds of many consumers. A great way to prove that your practice is ethical and trustworthy is to obtain positive testimonials from your former clients.

Getting customer feedback is invaluable to any business. By requesting testimonials from satisfied clients and having these visible on popular review sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages and AVVO, is one of the many ways to further enhance your brand online. When potential customers search for you, whether it’s on Google, Yahoo or Bing they will see positive feedback from satisfied clients reassuring them of your services, qualifications and customer service.

At Pristine PR, we focus on branding our clients’ image amongst the public and their peers through a variety of online medians. We carefully create customer feedback surveys and track their results, placing the responses on targeted sites which are guaranteed to attract our clients’ target audience.

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