Search Engine Marketing

7 Things That Can Ding Your Online Search Engine Results

Want to improve the chances that your law firm’s website shows up in relevant online search engine results? Here’s what not to do.

An entire industry is based on trying to figure out what matters in Google’s all-important algorithm. Whether it’s Google or another online search engine, a company’s search ranking can literally make or break a small business! There are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics you can use to improve your ranking, but just as crucial is avoiding these common mistakes.

1. Not being mobile-friendly

“More search traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets than from laptops and desktops,” says Kristine B. Snively, founder & CEO of Pristine PR, a public relations and marketing firm that works with attorneys. “If your website is not mobile-friendly, meaning the layout, design and content are not compatible with mobile devices and tablets, your search engine ranking may suffer.” For example, if your mobile site can’t be properly recognized and accurately indexed by Google, it will probably be harder for searchers using Google to find it. Google provides a free resource for determining whether or not your site design is mobile-friendly.

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