13 PR Trends to Watch for in 2013

With the New Year just around the corner, PR Pros expect 2013 to be an explosion of communication and Internet trends transforming the fields of public relations, Internet marketing and social networking.

Here are 13 trends we are watching out for!

1. Integrated Marketing Communications: Integration and collaboration are vital for any business, but in the New Year these are absolutely necessary if businesses want to reach their target market.

2. Website Strategy: The Internet is so complex it is no longer enough for attorneys to just have a website; it must be a strategic website. Organic SEO will remain the most essential part of your online presence, meaning the content on your site must be dynamic and diverse, enough to further enhance your search results.

3. Mobility: Studies have shown that fewer Internet users are actually using computers. In 2013, it will be imperative that your website design is versatile and can be used on any type of electronic device ranging from cell phones, tablets, iPads, etc.

4. Credibility: Any law firm can pay for advertising, but only the elite practice can gain credibility from their marketing efforts. We live in a world where people have options and want to know your services are not only recognizable, but credible. Legal awards, speaking engagements and consistent blog postings related to your practice areas can earn you credibility with your clients and referral attorneys.

5. Social Media: Social media continues to evolve. If you have not already, embrace it! Social media is here to stay. It is vital to your practice that you stay educated, involved and ahead of the game in this area.

6. Crisis Management: Because of social media, news of all sorts can travel fast. If your business does not already have a crisis management plan, create one now. If you already have one, you may want to consider updating it to extend to the latest social media platforms.

7. New PR Fans: With the increased amount of competition facing attorneys, firms that did not think PR was essential before will look to more creative marketing approaches in 2013. PR will become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for most law firms.

8. Measurable Results: Economic times are hard and businesses are going to expect their PR pros to deliver measurable results. We expect the development of unique ways to measure the results of PR campaigns in 2013.

9. Client Care: Attorneys being able to relate to their clients will be a vital key to client retention in 2013. Clients want to be able to relate on a more personal level with their attorney, and feel that they have a genuine interest in the outcome of their case.

10. Niche Online Communities: Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social medians; however in 2013 we expect to see an outbreak of Niche Communities. For example, Avvo.com will continue to thrive in the legal and medical world. Internet users will flock towards social media sites that are more specific to their professional fields or hobbies.

11. Blogging: Influential blogging is quickly becoming as significant as traditional media. In 2013, we expect to see a rise in PR pros targeting influential bloggers for media opportunities.

12. Real-Time Communication: Social networking has increased the importance of time-sensitivity in the PR world. We expect to see a trend next year that incorporates social media with traditional media. We also anticipate more two-way conversations between businesses and the media.

13. Video: Youtube.com has been a game-changer for social media and the Internet. The number of users is growing every day. We expect to see more law firms taking advantage of this free source.

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