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Proven Ways to Grow your List of Email Contacts

Did you know your list of email contacts decreases by approximately 23% every year? This includes contacts that opt-out of your email sends, move from one firm to another or simply stop using the email address you have on file for them. When you grow your list of email contacts, you will in turn grow your business!

The following tips will help attract and entice new subscribers and grow your email list.

Opt-in incentives. These are powerful. Be creative! Offer new subscribers a free copy of a legal guide or e-book you have recently published. Have an online contest or FREE giveaway and promote this on your social media sites and website. To qualify for the giveaway, participants must enter their email address.

Keep sign-up simple. Ask for as little information as possible from potential subscribers. This will increase the chances of them completing the opt-in form. If you want just an email address, ask for only an email address. Every additional step you incorporate lessens the change of them signing up.

Include a subscriber testimonial. Subscriber testimonials are just as powerful as client testimonials- when it comes to building your email list. Essentially it’s doing the same thing. You can include a subscriber testimonial alongside your opt-in box. One of our clients recently received the following subscriber testimonial: I wish to thank you for the various emails you have been sending. They’re very informative and interesting. You can be assured that if I am ever in need of any attorney, you are the one I will call!

Be consistent. When it comes to your email sends, keep them consistent. For example, sending every other Tuesday at 10 a.m. Subscribers will come to expect these and when they see that you regularly send out great content, they will be more likely to recommend your emails to others. Make sure you have visible social sharing buttons alongside your content, making the share easy!

Host a webinar. Many of our clients are having success with this approach. Make signing up a requirement for registration (collecting email addresses in the process) and offer the webinar recording as an opt-in incentive.

Show them what they’re missing. Share a link to a previous e-newsletter on your social media sites. This will show your followers what they are missing by not being a subscriber to your emails.

Offer exclusive ‘subscriber only’ discounts. These incentives can include gift cards, game tickets, promotions, etc.

Take advantage of the power of social media. Add a Call-to-Action / Sign-up button to your firm’s Facebook page. Mention an influential Twitter follower in your newsletter and tweet about it, in the hopes he or she will retweet it to their own followers.

Content is key. The content needs to speak directly to your audience. Sometimes it is best to segment these lists, where certain contacts will receive specific content relevant to them (i.e. – separating your referral attorneys from clients and prospects).

Mention the benefits. People want to know what’s in it for them. Make this clear, not only in the newsletter, but when promoting it on your website, social media sites, etc. Provide social media followers with a screenshot of your upcoming e-newsletter, giving potential subscribers a sneak peek.

Maximize community sponsorship events. This is an excellent opportunity to gather a lot of NEW email addresses. Most importantly, make sure your sponsorship booth is enticing and you have enthusiastic people representing your firm. Hold contests and give out prizes. Make providing an email address a requirement to participate.

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